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Deng & Jenny’s Urban Fairytale: A New York Wedding at Glenn Island Harbor Club

On December 9th, 2023, the bustling energy of New York City became the backdrop for the love story of Deng & Jenny at the enchanting Glenn Island Harbor Club. Their wedding day unfolded as an urban fairytale, a celebration of love amidst the cityscape, skillfully captured through our lens.

Glenn Island Harbor Club, with its waterfront charm and panoramic views of the city, set the stage for a wedding that blended sophistication with the vibrant spirit of New York. Every corner of this venue became a canvas for us to paint the essence of Deng & Jenny’s love.

As professional storytellers through the lens, we understand that every couple has a unique tale. The ceremony, with the New York skyline as its witness, became a chapter in Deng & Jenny’s story. Every photograph conveyed the depth of their love and the promises exchanged in the heart of the city.

The reception at Glenn Island Harbor Club transformed into a celebration of urban elegance, filled with laughter, heartfelt toasts, and a dance floor that echoed with the rhythm of the city. The lights of New York City twinkled in the background as Deng & Jenny shared their first dance as a married couple.

Deng & Jenny, in their journey to forever, showcased that love is a grand adventure. Their wedding day was an urban fairytale, where every photograph captured not just moments but the vibrant spirit of a love story written in the heart of New York City.

At, we take pride in immortalizing the essence of each love story. Deng & Jenny’s wedding is a visual ode to the beauty that unfolds when love meets the energy of the city.

Their wedding at Glenn Island Harbor Club, New York, was a celebration of urban romance and timeless love. Each photograph encapsulates the dynamic spirit of their special day and underscores the importance of preserving these meaningful moments in images.

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